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I am a photographer, musician, sound designer, and filmmaker based in Kerry, Ireland. Having completed a B.A. (Hons 1st Class) in Music Technology, I'm now working towards further study in design and visual disciplines, in particular the areas of photography and interaction design. I have recently begun learning to code. 

I am keenly interested in visual communication and being able to effectively communicate stories and ideas. I see myself as a creative individual and an ideas man. I am always seeking to learn more technically - to enable myself to bring these ideas to life - and have a clear aesthetic for my work.

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Based in Kerry, Ireland, I am a 22 year old photographer, sound designer, composer, and filmmaker. I’m also keenly interested in design and technology. I first found my passion for photography a couple of years ago when I purchased an iPhone 4 and realised the power of it as a capture device. I haven't looked back since.