Adventures in Photography: Visual Tales From The Kingdom I

This past Christmas I received a Sony A6000 from my family. A camera that isn’t my phone and allows me to explore manual shooting has long been a dream of mine, so you can understand my joy on Christmas morning.   

I live in County Kerry, Ireland. It’s a most beautiful part of the world, and one that I’ve barely scratched the surface on in terms of adventuring around the many wonderful sites. This is the year that I change that. At the moment I’m living in Tralee, working in Killarney, and occasionally venture back to the homeland of Ballybunion. Each place has something uniquely beautiful about. Ballybunion is home to towering cliffs, a vast set of beaches, and a world class golf course. Tralee town itself isn’t something I’ve ever really gravitated towards, but it’s a perfect spot to base yourself if you want to see some beautiful places nearby. I took a long walk down the canal recently, further than I’d ventured previously. The slieve mish mountains loom in the background, and a jetty runs out to the end of the canal gates, lightly littered with scatterings of sheep amidst a stunning backdrop. Killarney speaks for itself. The world famous Lakes of Killarney are a sight to behold, as are the national parks and many other areas to be seen.   
Here’s a small sampling of some images taken of late. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did creating them. More to come, including Killarney and beyond. As this is a new strand to my website you may  find a link to a track or playlist that I've enjoyed while making these images, so be sure to hit play on the Spotify link to the right before you scroll on! Peace! 

New Adventures

After a year of two of wishing for a camera, it finally became a reality this past Christmas day. I got a Sony A6000 from my family, and I'm so so stoked to finally have it and get out there and shoot. 

I got to try some long exposures tonight, which was awesome. Here's 'Fisherman after dusk', taken on the beautiful beach in Ballybunion.


Can't wait to shoot more and share them here. You can keep up with me on Instagram too. As I'm working towards a healthier, happier self, having a tool that enables me to things I want to do, outdoors, and to be more active in going new places, is all a step well and truly in the right direction.