Jerry Lane

Passionate mobile photographer, sound designer and filmmaker.
I recently started learning to code and design with a view to building a better web. 


A place for opinions and thoughts where I feel the need to write. 



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The best camera, is the one you have with you.
— Chase Jarvis

Mobile Photography

As a kid I always found myself intrigued by the beauty and spontaneity of the world around me. Over the past year or two I've realised I have a real passion for photography, and i've been exploring it by shooting with the only camera I have - my iPhone4S. 

Seaside Living

Seaside Living

Monochrome Mobile

Monochrome Mobile

Kerry, Ireland

Kerry, Ireland


From a young age I have always loved film. I have always been drawn to the intricacies of characters, plots within plots, and how audio and visual cues intersperse and toy with the audience's perception. It is an infinitely creative process, and I love it.

Check out the film page for my work to date. 


I have played guitar from my mid-teens with varying levels of intensity. In the beginning it was all about nailing all those guitar solos from my favourite bands at the time, but - thankfully - that has grown into an understanding that the guitar is but one tool in a vast collection, through which to create music. Click through for a selection of tracks I've worked on in some form or other.